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An idea is the start of something much bigger. Every dream or goal needs to have an idea. Our idea was to create a better platform for the web that can do more and deliver content in the most user-friendly way possible. Valere Media has made its debut with this in mind, not as a static goal but an ever-evolving one. Something to strive for not just one time but all of the time and every day our sites are online.

So what is user-friendly? First and foremost, our visitors are human beings. Presentation matters and people are not just clicks and demographics. When you visit a Valere Media site, you know you will be seeing content that matters to you. Our posts are on topic, presented well, and will never be misleading. All too often are online publications overcome by intrusive practices that put the user's experience last on their priority. We don't want to trick you into clicking on our posts. We want our content and your visit to be worth your time.

This is our philosophy, but what about making it all work? At the heart of our approach is the Valere Media platform, our own system built to deliver content in a fast and streamlined way. Early on, it became clear that we couldn't achieve our goals with any dated, out-of-the-box solution, so we built our own from scratch using all of the latest technology. Our posts are organized into feeds ranging from broader genre topics to more specific niches and all of it is quickly searchable. Everything is fast and we've made it easy to follow whatever content you want, even on mobile. Scratch that, especially on mobile. Keep up to date no matter where you are or what kind of device you are using.

Let us prove ourselves by checking out our sites. Our visitors are a necessary ingredient to making this all work.

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Dead Entertainment

Dead Entertainment

Our debut website was created to bring comprehensive coverage to the horror genre that has brought us so much fun and terror over the years.

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